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Test your URL redirect for accuracy. Do you use search engine pleasant redirections like too many redirects, or do you loose link juice for SEO through redirects in the usage of HTTP Status code 301 vs. 302? Take a look at now!

What is a URL redirect checker?

Have you ever puzzled: wherein does this hyperlink cross? The URL redirect checker take the courses of the URL. It's going to show you the whole redirection course of URLs, shortened links, or tiny URLs. Additionally referred to as a URL checker, redirect checker, hyperlink tracker, URL tracker, redirect tracer, link follower, 301 redirect checker, redirect tracker, URL tester, and so on.

When it strains a link, the effects show all the hyperlinks that you are being redirected through, which include PHP redirects. htaccess redirects, NGINX redirects, JavaScript redirects and meta-refreshes in the end leading you to the very last destination. Find out about 301 redirects.